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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Does MedityHealth Offer Just a Few Brands?

MedityHealth is dedicated to carrying only the top brands for compression garments, including those which help with edema and lymphedema in the upper extremities. Our hand-picked selection of brands and designs is meant to provide you with the perfect compression arm sleeve: from the style to the comfort that you need.

Why Use Compression Sleeves?

The compression sleeves that we carry are useful for a variety of reason. Most importantly, these graduated compression arm sleeves help your body's circulation and drain kymphatic fluid away from your arms. Often, it can be necessary to use sleeves for lymphedema with either gloves or gauntlets which apply compression therapy to your hands.

Why Jobst, Juzo and Sigvaris Arm Sleeves?

We chose these particular manufacturers since they are some of the top brands in the industry. Patients have trusted Juzo, Jobst, and Sigvaris compression sleeves for years which is why we feel confident in selling these items to our customers.

Are These Compression Arm Sleeves the Same as "Lymphedema Sleeves"?

Good question. These compression arm sleeves are often referred to as "lymphedema sleeves" and for good reason. These sleeves are often used by people after undergoing breast cancer treatment since the lymph nodes in the armouts are often removed or impacted by the treatments needed for it. Because of this, lymphatic fluid can start to accumulate in the hands and arms. But, with the proper graduated compression arm sleeve, the garment will help drain the fluid away from the arms.