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The CircAid Juxtalite Calf Wrap is designed to provide adjustable compression levels between 20-50 mmHg while still being easy to use. The two lengths and three full-calf options make it suitable for different sizes and shapes, while the patented BPS system enables clinicians and patients to adjust the desired compression levels.

Tailored Sizing: The standard legging is available in two lengths, 28 cm and 33 cm, catering to a range of needs. It also offers various circumference sizes, spanning from Small to XXL, with three full calf options.

Customizable Compression: The circaid juxtalite system boasts adjustable assured compression levels, including 20-30 mmHg, 30-40 mmHg, or 40-50 mmHg. This adaptability is made possible through the patented Built-In Pressure System (BPS), which empowers both clinicians and patients to set and adjust the desired compression levels effortlessly.

Comfort and Containment: Crafted from Breathoprene, a comfortable and breathable material, this system ensures both comfort and firm containment. It offers an inelastic compression wrap suitable for venous diseases and mild edema.

Convenient Application: The unique juxtaposing band system allows for instant adjustments without the need to remove the garment, adding to the overall convenience.

Versatile Use: This system works harmoniously with elastic stockings, serving as a pivotal component of a comprehensive compression system.

Warranty and Maintenance: The circaid juxtalite Lower Leg System comes with a 6-month warranty and is machine washable, ensuring both quality and ease of care.

  • Venous Insufficiency: The CircAid Juxtalite Calf Wrap is an excellent choice for managing venous insufficiency and related conditions. The adjustable compression levels enable you to address the specific needs of your condition.

  • Edema Management: If you're dealing with edema in the calf area, this wrap offers a tailored and comfortable solution to control swelling and promote circulation.

  • User-Friendly Compression: Whether you're a healthcare professional or a patient seeking self-management, the CircAid Juxtalite Calf Wrap simplifies the process of applying and adjusting compression, making it ideal for those who value ease of use.

  • 1 lower leg compression wrap
  • 1 pair of compression undersocks to assist in managing foot and ankle swelling
  • Brand: Circaid
  • Series: Juxtalite
  • Style: Compression Wrap
  • Fabric Contents: 56% Nylon, 40% Polyurethane, 4% Elastane

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