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The Jobst Epstein Fascioplasty provides firm yet comfortable support for the neck and chin, helping to keep the head and neck aligned for a cushioned and supported feel. With a scientifically engineered design, this product provides trusted support for those seeking relief.

  • Effective Post-Operative Support: This support is designed to deliver targeted pressure and support, making it a vital companion for individuals recovering from facial surgery and facelifts.

  • Edema Management: It plays a crucial role in controlling post-operative edema, assisting patients in their recovery journey.

  • Secure Dressing Placement: The Epstein Fascioplasty Support excels in holding dressings or moist compresses securely in place without the need for tape, ensuring that the surgical site remains clean and protected.

  • Adjustable Velcro® Brand Closures: Featuring easy-to-adjust Velcro® brand closures, this support offers a customized fit for each patient.

  • Ease of Use: Patients can effortlessly put on this support without requiring external assistance, making it highly convenient for their daily use.

  • Comfortable Fabric: Crafted from beige tricot fabric, the Epsteinâ„¢ Fascioplasty Support is not only effective but also comfortable for extended wear.

  • One Size Fits All: This support comes in a one-size-fits-all design, eliminating the need for extensive size considerations and ensuring a universal fit for a wide range of patients.

  • Support for Neck and Chin: Jobst Epstein Fascioplasty Support is specifically tailored to provide essential support for the sensitive areas of the neck and chin, aiding in a comfortable and secure recovery following facial surgery and facelift procedures.

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