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The new Mediven Harmony Combined Arm Sleeve & Gauntlet brings together the best of both worlds. With a unique fabric that is incredibly soft to the touch, it doesn't compromise on effectiveness and containment. The attached gauntlet ensures a seamless flow of fluid out of the hand, preventing pooling and enhancing overall comfort.

  • Soft and Comfortable Fabric: Mediven Harmony is crafted from a fabric that feels soft and gentle against your skin, ensuring a comfortable and pleasant wearing experience.

  • Effective Containment: Despite its softness, this garment remains highly effective in containing lymphedema and promoting proper fluid flow.

  • Attached Gauntlet: The attached gauntlet is designed to ensure a smooth and efficient flow of fluid out of the hand, preventing any pooling and contributing to the overall effectiveness of the garment.

  • Lymphedema Management: Mediven Harmony Combined Arm Sleeve & Gauntlet is ideal for individuals seeking effective lymphedema management while enjoying the comfort of a soft and gentle fabric.

  • Enhanced Comfort: If you prioritize comfort in your compression wear, this garment is designed to provide a pleasant wearing experience, all while delivering the necessary therapeutic support.

  • Preventing Fluid Pooling: The attached gauntlet plays a key role in preventing fluid pooling in the hand, making this combination perfect for individuals who want to avoid such discomfort.

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