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The All Season Merino Wool Knee-Highs are a durable yet comfortable compression sock which is ideal for year-round wear. These socks combine Australian Merino wool with a stylish design, helping them seamlessly fit into your wardrobe regardless of the time of year. Additionally, these socks are for the treatment of moderate to severe symptoms.

Highlights of this sock:

  • Made from high quality, extra-fine Australian Merino wool
  • Easily glides on and off
  • Thermoregulating for year-round wear

Overall, these socks are best for:

  • Tired, heavy, restless, aching legs
  • Travelers
  • Occupational leg health risks
  • Expecting mothers
  • Individuals with a family history of chronic vein disease

The composition of the material for these socks is:

  • Fine Merino Wool: 53%
  • Nylon: 38%
  • Spandex: 9%
  • Non-Latex

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