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The Sigvaris Casual Cotton Knee-Highs are a discreet yet fashionable compression sock which were made for everyday wear. These socks promote overall leg health and provide relief from a variety of symptoms including tired and aching legs along with swollen feet and ankles. Additionally, this sock is used as either a preventative treatment or as a treatment for moderate to mild symptoms.

Here are the top features for the Casual Cotton Sock:

  • Made with Supima Cotton for comfort and durability
  • Flat, low-friction toe seam to prevent irritation
  • Soft, stretchable knit-in band prevents pinching

Overall, these stockings are best suited for:

  • Tired, heavy, aching legs
  • Travelers
  • Occupational leg health risks
  • People with a family history of chronic vein disease

These stockings are made from:

  • Supima Cotton: 66%
  • Nylon: 26%
  • Spandex: 8%
  • Non-Latex

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