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SKU: 1401-ARL

The Sigvaris Compreflex Arm Wrap provides enhanced support with unrestricted range of motion. Its unique elbow shape ensures comfortable wear, while an interior sleeve promotes easy self-application and removal. A moisture-wicking material conforms to the shape of the arm and securely wraps around the limb. Rounded straps ensure better grip and hassle-free fastening.

The features of this garment include:

  • Unrestricted range of motion aided by unique elbow design
  • Interior sleeve to support self-application and removal
  • Conforming, moisture-wicking material that contours to the shape of the arm and closes securely around the limb
  • Rounded straps for improved grip and fastening ability

The materials for this garment include:

  • Polyamide: 45%
  • Polyurethane foam: 28%
  • Cotton: 14%
  • Elastane: 8%
  • Neoprene: 5%

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