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ReadyWrap Fusion Kit is an innovative off-the-shelf compression system to provide continuous self-management of the lower leg from the toes to just below the knee. It combines a ReadyWrap Calf adjustable compression wrap with a ReadyWrap Fusion Liner and a compressive foot & ankle wrap, delivering up to 40mmHg of pressure to ensure optimal lower leg care.

Overall, the key features for the ReadyWrap Fusion Kit are:

  • Curved design contours the shape of the limb to provide comfortable support
  • 50% overlapping straps help prevent gapping
  • Blocked support spine helps maintain garment form to support all day wear
  • Color-coded straps makes donning easy for better patient compliance
  • Lymphedema
  • Indurate Tissue
  • Varicose Veins
  • Venous Insufficiency
  • Nylon
  • Polyester
  • Spandex
  • Foam
  • Hook-and-loop fasteners (Velcro)
  • Elastic straps

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