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The Solaris TributeWrap Knee to Thigh is designed to promote skin health and maintain gains made during therapy. It features adjustable garment and foam technology that nestles into your skin, providing the support you need to further reduce your leg circumference.

The TributeWrap is worn at night and helps maintain reduced volume and shape by supporting your extremities.

Overall, the TributeWrap is intended to:

  • Help maintain reduced volume and shape by supporting extremities
  • Manage various stages of lymphedema
  • Manage edema
  • Assist in softening of indurated/fibrotic tissue

The TributeWrap should not be used by people with the following:

  • Arterial insufficiency or ABPI < 0.8
  • Moderate to severe peripheral arterial disease
  • Acute DVT
  • Untreated congestive heart failure
  • Untreated cancer
  • Untreated infection (e.g. cellulitis)
  • Known allergy and/or hypersensitivity to any of the product components
  • Severe cognitive impairment

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