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The Jovipak Extended Chin Strap is designed to keep your chin strap in place for extended periods. Constructed with the latest elastic materials, this chin strap ensures maximum comfort and support for your chin. The adjustable strap allows for customized fit and tension. Enjoy a secure fit without discomfort.

  • Comprehensive Coverage: Designed to address edema of the neck, mandible, and the lateral aspects of the face, this extended chin strap offers extensive coverage. It also covers the ear, the lateral aspect of the head, and the area behind the ear.

  • Customizable Padding: The open neck seam accommodates your choice of padding, allowing you to tailor the level of compression and comfort to your specific needs.

  • Adjustable Straps: The Velcro straps at the neck and top of the head (or optional Occipital Head Strap) are fully adjustable. This feature enables you to personalize the fit, ensuring the garment is suitable for overnight wear and provides the utmost comfort.

  • Edema Management: The JoViPak Extended Chin Strap is ideal for those seeking effective edema management, addressing swelling in the neck, mandible, and facial areas.

  • Post-Operative Care: This chin strap is a valuable tool for individuals recovering from various head and neck surgeries, providing the support needed for a comfortable and successful recuperation.

  • Custom Compression: Whether you require mild or firm compression, the open neck seam allows you to incorporate your preferred padding for a customized and comfortable compression solution.

Please note: The pad is not included with the chin strap. For enhanced compression, the manufacturer recommends using the JoViPak Peri-Auricular Neck Pad, available separately.

Choose the JoViPak Extended Chin Strap for comprehensive and adjustable support in managing head and neck swelling and ensuring a comfortable recovery experience.

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